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David Hicks David Hicks

Inspired by the bold colors and rhythmic graphics used by design icon David Hicks? Look no further than these gutsy geometrics, statement solids, and intrepid textures – all selected for their reminiscence of the storied master of interior’s style.

A Nod to Buatta A Nod to Buatta

The heralded Prince of Chintz, Mario Buatta, was the decorator who made 18th Century English Recency seem perfectly well suited for modern day. His generous use of antiques, embellishments –and of course, chintz– made for a timeless signature aesthetic beloved by the design community. Get this look with these designs specially selected for bearing the Buatta style.

Elsie de Wolfe's Colony Club Colony Club

Elsie de Wolfe spent two years collecting furnishings and executing her scheme at first social club in New York City established by women, for women, The Colony Club. She used chintz, soft colors, and delicate fixtures rather than heavy furnishings commonly found in other social clubs about town.

Garden in Hell Garden in Hell

CREDIT: Photo by Horst P. Horst/Conde Nast via Getty Images

The eye must travel – and it will certainly want to in a room as ornately decorated and fascinatingly curated as Diana Vreeland’s “Garden in Hell” lounge designed by Billy Baldwin. Channel your inner superfluously scarlet side with these Diana-inspired selects.

The Hills The Hills

Longing to look out over a bustling Los Angeles from your lush and lofted retreat in the Hills? If the real estate is out of reach, the look doesn’t have to be. Get your home ready for a close-up with this Hollywood-worthy décor.

....and the Game is Afoot! English Hunting Cottage

Richly hued plaids, Recency era filigree and a distinctly British sensibility make these patterns prime selects for an English Country Cottage. Lived in but luxurious, formal yet charmingly imprecise, these décor elements are perfect for recreating a space that’s properly suited for a jovial respite post fox hunt.

Ojai Style Ojai

Imagine a rustically romantic Spanish style home in Ojai, sparingly decorated with organic hues that echo the surrounding landscape and Bohemian accessories that look like they could possess healing qualities. These patterns are ideal for those looking to capture this serenely chic and unique aesthetic.


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